Homework due 5.10.17

For homework this week, we would like you to practise your spellings. We will be using these spellings in our literacy lessons next week, so it is important that you are practising them.
You can use the spelling techniques we have been using in class, e.g. Rainbow writing, pyramid, etc.
Once you have done this, create some exciting sentences using the spellings.

breath       echo
caught      rough
circle         tough
heart         touch
material   natural

Homework due 28.9.17

As part of our Stone Age topic, we have been reading the book ‘UG’. For this week’s task, we would like you to create a fact file about Ug.

You can include:
• his appearance
• where he lives
• his favourite stone age food
• his tools
• his hobbies

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Cooney & Miss Spencer

Stonehenge Models

We are so impressed with all your wonderful homework’s of Stonehenge. We have displayed lots of them in the corridor outside of our classrooms.

Lots of adults and children have been walking past and commenting on how brilliant and realistic the models look.

Well done Year 3! Keep up the good work.

Miss Cooney & Miss Spencer

Homework – Due 21.9.17

Your task this week is to design a stone age menu. Think of a starter, main and pudding, but remember you only have things that were available in the stone age! No hob, microwave or oven and only food that was available to the early humans of the stone age. Good luck!

You may present this how you like and it is due on Thursday 21st September.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Spencer & Miss Cooney.