Homework 29th June

Homework for Thursday 29th June

In RE we have been learning about inspirational people in the world. Your homework this week is to choose one person who you think is an inspirational/heroic leader to research and present information to the rest of the class.
Think about:
• Why are they seen as leaders?
• What characteristics and qualities do they have?
• What have they achieved/done in their life?
You may present your information in any way which you prefer for example; a quiz, powerpoint, drama, poster, fact file

Possible suggestions:
Local leader (cubs, brownies etc), Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, Olympic athlete, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Florence Nightingale, family member

Homework for Wednesday 25th May

As part of our local area topic, we would like you to be creative in imagining what Gildersome will look like in 50 years.  What changes might there be? What might remain the same? Will any new or interesting buildings be created? What about physical features?

You may be as creative as you like and display your predictions through powerpoint, posters, models, writing, story board etc.  However you wish.

We do not expect this homework to be returned next week as we would like you to spend time putting in as much effort as possible and being creative.  You have almost 2 weeks for this homework.

As always don’t forget about your recorder, times tables, spellings and reading.

Any electronic homework can be emailed to gildersomeyear3@gmail.com

Finally for our year 3 stall at the summer fair, we plan to have a teddy adoption.  If you have any teddy bears at home which are no longer played with but still in a good condition we would welcome any donations possible. The money year 3 raise for their stall this summer does move up with them into the next year group also.

Many thanks